Business Plan On Vision Statement

Published: 2021-07-01 04:15:05
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Background Information and Introduction:
This Global Accountancy firm is involved in the provision of accounting, auditing, tax consultancy as well as financial management services to small scale and medium scale enterprises in the region. The headquarters of this firm are located at Ney York City. The firm is a registered and recognized by the law according to the Companies Act. The firm is also authorized the Association of Chartered Accountants to conduct its operations of auditing and accounting since it consists of highly trained staff. The company is therefore is therefore a separate legal entity recognized by law.
The main activity the firm engages in includes provision of financial advisory services with regard to the financial statements of the business. The firm also provides auditing and assurance services in order to ensure the financial statements of the company show a true and fair view. The business also provides tax assessment and consultancy including filing returns for the small-scale businesses, which cannot afford the fees charged by the large auditing firms in the market.
This firm aims at provision of services in accounting, auditing, and financial management as well as tax consultancy services in an effective and efficient manner in order to enable the clients to make decisions within a very short span of time. The vision of the firm therefore is efficient customer service delivery in order to maintain customer loyalty as much as possible (Barrow, 2012 pg18). The company therefore actively engages in provision of services to the clients in a professional manner in order to take into consideration every financial aspect making comprehensible to the clients with less effort and within shortest time possible to enable them make reliable decisions. The vision of this firm is quality and efficient customer service in order to make a stable foundation for the business. The short-term goals of this firm includes attracting all the small scale and medium scale enterprises in New York City and its surrounding in order to form a strong customer base.
Mission Statement:
This firm aims at extending its services to other small scale and medium scale enterprises in the United States of America as well as widening its scope to the global markets. In the long term, the firm aims at provision of a variety of financial services to its clients adequately and appropriately in a manner that they will not need any further help from the competitors. The firm therefore aims at adoption of technological advancements in the provision of its services to its customers therefore the need for regular adjustments in order to remain relevant in the market. The firm also aims at achieving a large but manageable customer base in order to maintain quality services to the customers.
The Leadership (Management) Team and Human Resource Requirements:
This firm has a management team that is highly trained on matters pertaining provision of quality services in the financial sector. The management team consists of qualified professionals in the financial and accountancy as well as assurance across all sectors of business. The human resource management ensures that the employees of the firm have adequate skills and experience in provision of the services of the clients in order to ensure that the quality of customer service will betaken good care of. The highly trained staff enables provision of services with high levels of independence as well as eliminating potential threats relating to conflicts of interest while conducting the audit and assurance services. The hiring of employees should take into consideration the skills and qualifications in the professional field of accounting.
Organization Culture:
The core aspects of this business are quality service provision to the clients. The main challenges that the firm faces in provision of services is the fact that the financial statements of the majority of the customers are organized in a uniform manner making it difficult for the auditors and financial consultants to analyze the reports in order to provide the necessity facts and solutions to the problems affecting such clients. The ever-changing accounting and auditing standards gives the firm a difficult task in adjusting to such changes due to expenses incurred. The tax regulations and policies also keep on changing across borders making the analysis of business globally difficult in the future.
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Manawatu-Wanganui Civil Defence Emergency Management Group, & Bayley, S. (2012).Manawatu-Wanganui Civil Defence Emergency Management Group: Business plan, 2013 - 2018.

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