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Published: 2021-07-08 08:45:06
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The world population is increasing on a daily basis. The consumption rate of natural resources by the human is skyrocketing with little concern about the future. Competition on the available resources is getting stiff with little being done to handle the situation. It is every individual’s responsibility to protect the environment.
The article review is trying to talk about the issue and act as a revelation to the people around the world who tend to give a blind eye about future survival. The author analyses prehistoric events where humankind was faced with tricky situations and was forced to find alternative means of survival (Moran 23). A good example of how the hunters were forced to practice agriculture after the demand for meat went beyond what nature could provide is given in the article.
Methodology used
The writer has based the findings on long-term observations and articles previously written by people who made observations related to the topic. Archeological information is used which means archival research on historic library is put in practice. It is clear through the citations by the writer of the article. An adaptive expectation is also applied in the article. It is a technique mostly used by economists, whereby one tries to explain possibilities of occurrences in the future basing on what happened in the past. The writer talks about resources that support human life in earth being depleted and adaptive changes has to be made. The illustration and example given is based on past events that forced man to change to continue surviving comfortably in the environment.
Article citing the review
Several articles about especially those talking about environmental conservation cite this piece of work due to its importance. One noted article is a piece of work titled Environment conservation by Darity (2008). It talks about environmental factors and the degradation that has been taking place making the available natural resources scarce. Increased competition on the different aspects of life and variations of provision of basic human needs such as medical care in different parts of the world is alarming. The article also analyzes past events and sequence of climate change that has forced man to make several changes to fit in the new environment. Environmental conservation is the responsibility of humankind in making sure alternative means of survival are adapted with future generation on the forefront of the mind of the people living today.
Significance of the paper
Significance of the paper is clear considering the fact that it is addressing a current issue. Message conveyance by the writer is a success by the use of simple language and well-structured sentences. The points are well stated for clear reading and special emphasis put on the main issue at hand. It leaves the reader with the urge to learn more through research as it makes one realize the importance of the future of the world.
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