Article Review On Proactive Management

Published: 2021-06-24 15:45:04
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Proactive management in criminal justice refers to prevention of crime by showcasing the presence of police in a particular crime-prone area. Criminal minded persons with an intention of creating havoc to the public become aware of police presence and avoid engaging in criminal activities for fear of negative consequences. At times referred to as proactive policing, proactive management of crime is the opposite of reactive management that responds to complaints after a crime is committed. The goal of proactive management in criminal justice is to avoid problems rather than to solve it. Avoiding crime provides the best solution to the criminal quandaries. Although the prevention may just be for a short while or for the time of police presence, the criminal management process deters people from engaging in socially and legally unaccepted conducts. In the long-run, the framework of managing crime protects people’s lives and property without prosecution.
In proactive management, the police work together with the communities they serve to come up with modes of controlling crime. Community policing departments have the commitment to develop partnerships with the community. The partnerships work relentlessly by developing policies that counter and prevent criminal activities. Moreover, the partnerships between the law enforcers and the communities they are in charge of help to maintain order. Further, proactive management of crime reduces fears of crime among the public. This has the effect of accelerating investment and economic growth in the affected areas.
Since proactive management of justice depends on community policing, it sometimes suffers the backlash of retracted information on criminals due to family ties with criminals. Lack of cultural distance becomes another hindrance to dispensation of justice as people view criminals as members of the same religion, race and ethnic groupings.

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