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Published: 2021-07-03 08:55:04
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Since the launch of its first product, the Apple I in 1976, Apple Inc. has constantly been involved in the production of better and new products in order to meet the demands of the growing market and satisfy its customers. Almost each and every of its products has been improved to an advanced, sophisticated and satisfying level. The Apple I was improved to become better and more efficient computers that are used up to date, all over the world.

In the past dozen years, Apple Inc. has been able to produce multiple and different versions of its model of the iPod products. In fact, it has produced the different products three times in the past twelve years. The iPod being, the first changed the way people listen to music. It is very rare to get one going to a music store to buy music. The iPod, with its large storage capacity can accommodate tons of music according to one's taste. A feature that allows one to create playlists changes the whole experience of listening to music. Instead of listening to songs in one album before going to the next, one can create a playlist, randomizing his/her songs as he/she pleases.

The iPhone hit the market with great amazement of the reality that a computer could fit a pocket and have almost all the features, though at a diminished size, of a computer. The Iphone was an improvement three different devices; the iPad, the mobile phone and a computer with its internet. Steve Jobs launched the iPhone stating that it was a three-in-one phone. It was able to play music better than an iPad, it was able to make calls with advanced features like call merging and finally it had access to the internet. All features in one device. The no-button feature makes it even more unique, being replaced by a touch screen that comes in different sizes, but it is unarguably clear that the display is big!

As if not enough, Apple has now launched the iPad and the most identical feature is the large touch screen. The device changed the way people think of tablet computing. It came with the needlessness of a stylus to operate, faster computing speeds and greater experience of the display. Apple has been considered as the most innovative company in the world, by innovating three times in twelve years. The above is just a few mentioned of the iterations that Apple has displayed, for there are many more that have been produced.

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