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Published: 2021-07-05 22:10:05
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Apple utilizes business strategies that are unique and of great help to the company. The business strategies that are utilized by the company help it to compete with other companies in the world that offer similar products with those that the company produces. For starters, the company releases products that are highly anticipated by the high end consumers in small quantity. This strategy is important to the company as a target market for the products is clearly defined and identified. Apple also majors on producing the best products that have made great advances in technology and are artistic in nature. These products are uncomplicated to use and accessible to many users.
The business strategy sky-rocketed the sales of Apple as many end users preferred the product among many more others in the competition stable. Innovation is also one push factor that is a useful business strategy in the apple company. Apple was able to continually innovate and release smart phone after smart phone and eventually to the release of tablets. This strategy always kept the company abreast of its competitors. Quality production is a strategy that is accredited to the large number of loyal customers that Apple Company enjoys. Many people in the world consider the products of the company to be of superior quality and genuine.
Another business strategy that was used by Apple Company was timely and periodic release of products. Apple’s innovations were released at intervals of one year. The company would release a new product each year that would be of higher quality than the previous one. The releases were a strategic idea as customers were put into anticipation of a new product each year. Itunes and I pods were also business strategies that contributed to the triumph of the corporation.
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