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Published: 2021-07-07 16:15:07
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History indicates that the British defeated the French together with their Indian allies in the war of (1754-1763) called the French and Indian war. The war resulted in British controlling the better part of the North America. However, the British realised they had used a lot of money during the war and hence, they decided through an act of parliament that it was high time the colonies pay the big share of their own defence. As a result, parliament passed the Stamp Act in the year 1765 for them to raise money. The Stamp act was a law enacted that required the tax stamps purchase to buy paper. The new policy was the colonies. The Stamp act was repealed by England due to rioting and rhetoric, but other strict taxation measures followed such as the Townshend Acts and Sugar Act. The Native Americans reacted to the new Acts by forming some organized political groups such as the sons of liberty and committees of correspondents. Some people like those of Boston reacted to tax collection violently. Some attacked the British officials who tried to collect tax hence the British quartered troops in such places to protect their officials. Some British troops killed five people in 1770 who were protesting, and this was the first blood. The revolution began in 774 when 273 British soldiers were killed in Philadelphia in 1774. The second major continental congress was held in Philadelphia on the tenth of May 1775. It was in this meeting that the Americans declared themselves the government. George Washington was declared commander in chief of the developed army. The battle of 1775 commonly known as Bunker Hill led to death of 400 Americans and 1,052 British. This gave the Americans the confidence to fight. On 4th July, 1776, the United States Declaration of Independence was adopted by the congress, marking the Independence of the U.S. In conclusion, the American Revolution involved many wars with French, Indians, Spaniards and British fighting for the new found land.

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