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Published: 2021-07-01 17:30:04
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Hippocrates once indicated “wherever the art of medicine is loved there also is love for humanity.” The ability of internal medicine and nursing to translate the science of comprehensive analysis, and individualize it to patient care, and the ability to apply evidence-based medicine to patients in a clinic or at a bedside is what appeals me in the nursing career.
My origin of attraction to preventive medicine originated from my determined niche in nursing since I was young. I consider the most crucial part of nursing as patient care. I also believe that no matter the level of passion and zeal that I may have in nursing, the most essential part of patient care is education. In health care meaningful patient education adds to the knowledge of huge control over circumstances. This is the core reason as to why I chose Emory University.
The School of Nursing in this University has been recognized both locally and internationally for offering elements of nursing practice, policies and education, which offer a structured and administered environment for development of professional medics. I seek to become a skillful nurse, and advocate of my profession, and a committed educator. This program will assist me in uniting both my professional ambitions and personal goals into a single and fulfilling career.
Contrary to what many people who enroll in nursing think, nursing is not all about skills and education. It requires unique qualities that boost the relationship between the nurse and patients. To become an effective member of the medics’ team, I will rely on my communication skills, caring qualities, and being responsible. I believe my communication skills will enable my success in nursing. My communication abilities will enable my listening, understanding, and protecting of the patient’s needs.
I am also a responsible person who believes in performing my duties to the utmost detail and accuracy. When dealing with the health of a human being, there is no room for errors. Performing my duties with responsibility would imply being able to keep track of a patient’s record, and noticing every change to avoid consequences.
Dealing with patients implies the ability to show and accord them care to help them go through their situations. I am a sympathetic person, and can control my emotions; this will enable my ability to offer care to patients, and constantly be there to help them deal with their stressful situations.
Social responsibility is also another aspect that contributes to successful nursing. To my understanding social responsibility includes commitment, ethical behavior, and contributions towards social and economic development of local communities as well as societies at large. It includes efficient use of resources for environmental conservation, and generation of societal goodwill. In a health care perspective, social responsibility may be achieved through the use of natural resources, energy, and waste management systems that result into substantial cost saving.
I believe that nursing is an excellent specialty, and I am excited to enter its residency. Enrolling for nursing in this institution will create a modest professional ambition, which will boost my knowledge and expertise, and allow my realization of my ambition as a respected nurse.

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