Admission Essay On Reflecting On Your Personal And Educational Goals, Please Write About How You Believe

Published: 2021-06-24 11:25:04
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The University of North Carolina at Wilmington will help me achieve both my educational and career goals. My goals regarding education are to receive a high-level education in a rigorous program that will enable me to be a well-rounded individual conversant in a wide range of disciplines, and to continue with my education through Dental School while staying local in North Carolina. My career goals, as such, are towards healthcare generally, and dentistry in particular. Dentistry will enable me to be at the forefront of modern healthcare and to be in a position to greatly advance individuals’ health and quality of life.
Prior to attending Cape Fear Community College I was a Navy Corpsman for twelve years. My interest in dentistry grew as a result of this experience, as I completed extensive medical and dental training while in the Navy. Among the courses I completed were: Dental Assistant, Prosthetic Dental Laboratory, and Field Medical Service School. I also received a Certificate of Completion of Apprenticeship in Prosthetic Dental Protective Devices from Department of Labor. These courses have exposed and prepared me to the field of dentistry, from an academic and practical perspective. During active duty I was stationed in Camp Lejeune and was also deployed to Iraq in support of ongoing operations from February – June 2005. These experiences reinforced the value of effective healthcare and the necessity of caring action in high stress situations.
The goals and values of UNC Wilmington intersect with my personal values: the unshakable conviction in the power of ideas and innovation, as well as the commitment to the journey of learning. At the UNC Wilmington I would like to finish my bachelor’s degree in biology. The degree in Biology will expose me to modern scientific method and to novel research and practices that will enable me to be a scientist, and not just a practitioner. Furthermore, I plan on joining the pre-dental club that will help me prepare for my eventual application to dental school with other like-minded individuals. I believe that my participation in the pre-dental club would be mutually beneficial to me and the other students enrolled, because of my practical experience in field dentistry.
UNC Wilmington will advance me both professionally and personally with the rigorous academic program and the diverse student body. I will be exposed to many cultures and people I otherwise would not have had an opportunity to meet. Academically, I will be called upon to hone my collaboration skills and to prepare for difficult examinations. The research opportunities will enable me to become a proficient scientist and learn the process of scientific method by applying skills I learn in lectures to the real-world problems of laboratory work. Personally, I will advance my interpersonal skills and my horizons by interacting with students and faculty alike.
In sum, an education at UNC Wilmington will make me a more well-rounded individual and prepare me for a demanding profession by subjecting me to rigorous course work. The research opportunities are unmatched and this will enable me to be the best scientist I could possibly be. The biology program will enable me to stay local and advance the cause of healthcare within my state. The diverse student body and faculty will enable me to excel in interpersonal relationships with future colleagues and make me a better more compassionate dentist. UNC Wilmington will ultimately enable me to be the best practitioner I can be for the people of North Carolina.

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