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Published: 2021-06-26 20:45:04
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Every human being has a right to life. He starts his argument by a strong pathos to capture the readers’ feelings (Fletcher, 12). He asks how one would feel if their ability to live was taken away without their consent. He goes ahead and states that, annihilating a fetus simply because they are not in apposition to make their own decisions and control their lives is wrong and a selfish practice that should be fought at all costs.
Many other solutions are safer than abortion. He goes ahead and asks an emotional question: “Why choose abortion over adoption?” Medics establish that there are many unproductive couples who are enthusiastic to adopt notwithstanding of the child’s health complications. Aborting a child is sacrificing a life that many others would adore rising. Rather than terminating, keeping the child up for adoption will give the mother as well as the child a chance to live a happy future life.
Abortion risks the mother’s life and negatively affects her health. In extreme circumstances, it even leads to death of the mother. This is a life lost unnecessarily simply because of selfish desires and interests. Ishika goes ahead and states that abortion affects both victims in dangerous and physical ways. He however fails to highlight the dangerous and physical ways that he is talking about in order to further prove his point. This kind of generalization detriments his logicality and brings his conscience to question (Eemeren and Bart, 89). He should have presented concrete finer details to avoid rebuke (Fletcher, 95).
Ishika cites Ronald Reagan’s statement that until one can prove beyond reasonable doubt that unborn human is not alive, we give it the benefit of doubt and assume that it is actually alive and should be entitled to life, happiness and liberty (Clower, 121). Killing a human being is illegitimately taking away their right to live.
Proclaiming that a woman should use her body as she wishes is unrealistic as far as abortion is concerned, as this is a matter of life and death. Women should not induce abortion and painfully kill the fetus for the mere reason that they want to live happily. It should only be done in situations where the mother life is in danger to avoid losing mothers’ and child’s life. However, Ishika fails to demonstrate the various circumstances where abortion should be induced for safety. It is wrong to use abortion for narcissistic reasons (Clower, 87).
Essay by Mike
In his essay to support abortion, Mike, a blogger, starts by explaining what abortion is and when it was legalized in the United States of America. In his introduction, he clearly accepts the division of people in the two sides of the debate, that is the pro-choice and the pro-life. He gives the stand of the two opposing side on their take about the act of abortion and acknowledges that both sides are valid and substantial. It is after clearly introducing the topic non-biasedly that he at the end of the introduction he gives his opinion on the issue based on clear factors that he strongly supports.
In a light note, Mike addresses the issues that the pro-life stand for in fighting against abortion. The pro-life justifies their position at the expense of the woman welfare. Their argument circulates on the child and the society. It however mentions the possibilities of the mother’s health complications.
Mike bases his first point on abortion on the welfare and life of the mother. He focuses on the mother other than the child as pro-life do. He supports its legalization in every society and community of the world because according to him, it gives women a chance to control their lives. This on his side empowers women in pursuing their education or career and when they are economically incapable of raising the child. He drives his point home with a survey result that shows reasons that women give for abortion which are certainly geared towards their empowerment.
Mike emphasizes the importance of abortion by saying if illegalized, back alley abortions, which are dangerous, will be performed. This puts the life of the mother in danger and statistically, 68, 000 deaths occur in such illegal operations. He calls for regulated method of abortion as opposed to its illegalization. This would be achieved through putting up measure that limits the number of abortions and the time to do it in the pregnancy period. He ends his position with a newspaper article that shows a woman who died due to denial of abortion. That shows a woman who died due to denial of abortion.
The essay goes further to explain that benefits that are associated with abortion. A mother will have a right to make a decision whether to allow or disallow the baby to be born especially if it experiences complex medical problems. Research has shown that more than 49% of the unborn children unwanted. This is a proof that abortion should be legalized since the chances of the baby to live a happy life are minimal in such a scenario. The blogger supports his arguments in a rational way because the reasons that he writer supporting abortion is very factual (Eemeren and Bart, 56).
The essay gives an example of a woman called Sarah who made a decision to carry an abortion after finding that her child will remain deaf and dumb. Spina Bifida is another woman who leant that her son had complication in his spine and this meant if born, he would never walk in his life. In the United States, more than 200,000 individuals experiences sexual assault especially rape. Abortion will allow such people to kill the unborn kid since the baby may be associated with painful memories and one will always perceive the baby as unwanted.
The essay concludes that abortion is supposed to remain a legal choice since it will give chance to a woman to have a second chance especially in danger times. Abortion must be allowed if the unborn baby was because of misguided choice, sexual assault and will be subjected to medical problems always. The major setback that is associated with abortion is that it cannot be used as a form of birth control. This means that despite it being legal, there is need to regulate and control it so that the society can benefit from it.
The two writers logically and persuasively present their position to the readers. Giving their rationale on their positions, each feels that their stances are the best (Fletcher, 26). However, a closer contrast and comparison on the two will definitely give us the best way forward. Mike’s position for abortion and Ishika against it is a good argument.
Ishika has rather a more substantial and persuasive, it provides alternative for abortion, which are social and acceptable. Analyzing the medical hazards associated with the act justifies his position. Its brutality and the murder in it is another reason to do away with it. Mike on his strong debate focused on the welfare of the mother and the possible effects of the act to the society.
Therefore, in my position and reliance on the above stated facts, I do concur with Ishika M. He seems to present his argument in a way that is not only appealing and logical but also reality of the matter (Eemeren and Bart, 56)
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