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Clorine Dioxide Solution

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Jim Humble Technical Bulletin

I gotta say this, I was mistaken. Sorry. The evidence is, in fact, that CDS does get into the blood of humans and of animals, as shown in tests involving hundreds of cows. I have received a number of letters from people with evidence that CDS, taken orally, did get into their blood

I mistakenly reported otherwise because I was taking information from only one source.  I am embarrassed, to say the least.  I will be careful to never make this mistake again.

So now let’s look at it for a minute.  There have been a number of cases where Cancer has been overcome using CDS and there have also been several diabetes cases overcome with CDS.

Additionally dozens of positive reports about CDS have come to us from around the world.  I have personally taken CDS to heal a very serious spider bite.  With all of this evidence there is little doubt that CDS does get into the blood.

Only the malaria cases were not helped.  That was a great embarrassment to our Minister in the jungle, and to me as well.  I told people that they could cure malaria with CDS and then it did not work.

So let’s get back on track.  Someone wanted to know about the more powerful CDS.  We have settled on a CDS solution that has 3000 ppm (parts per million) of chlorine dioxide.

Without getting into complexities, 3000 ppm is just a measurement of the strength of the CDS.  When you drink a standard 3 drops dose of MMS for protocol 1000 you are drinking  4 ounces of water with a  MMS strength of approximately 24 ppm.

So you see when you have 3000 ppm it must be diluted.  You do that by taking 4 ounces of clean water and adding enough CDS to bring the ppm up to 24 ppm.  So it doesn’t matter whether you are drinking MMS or CDS you are  drinking 24 ppm strength chlorine dioxide.

The difference between MMS and CDS is that MMS tastes bad because of the low ph and other things that are in the solution such as citric acid and the components of citric acid, sodium and chlorite.

On the other hand when CDS is made right it is ultra-pure because it is made from distilled water and nothing else except chlorine dioxide gas.  It is just gas and water. That is the reason that it tastes almost like water.  There is nothing to make it taste bad.  Protocol 1000 (which is Church Sacrament 1000) calls for 1- 3 drops of MMS.

If one chooses to substitute CDS, the equivalent amount to supply the same ppm is 8 times the number of MMS drops.  So one must be sure to only take the equivalent of 1-3 drops of MMS when using CDS.  However, if one moves on to protocol 2000 (Church sacrament 2000) he will need to take the equivalent of 4-10 drops of MMS  (number of MMS drops X 8).

Many have taken these strong doses of CDS  and have had excellent  results.

So then let’s talk about a stronger CDS.  The 3000 ppm was easy to settle on, because one standard drop of the 3000 ppm equals one single ppm, so 24 drops would equal 24 ppm which is a single MMS or CDS dose as long as you are using it with 4 ounces (1/2 cup) of water.

But do you see?  If you were using MMS it would only take 3 drops to make the 24 ppm drink.  So some people would like to make a strong enough CDS so that one could use it drop for drop with MMS.  In that case one would use only 3 drops of CDS to make a 24 ppm drink instead of 24 drops.

In order to make a solution of CDS that strong it would have to be 24,000 ppm and that is very strong indeed.  It could be dangerous because if someone tried to drink it, it would burn their mouth severely.  However, when it is put on skin, it does not burn.

It is amazing that 24,000 ppm does not burn the skin.  When applied to skin it has no effect except to remove some dead skin.  It can be used to successfully treat spider and mosquito bites, and some fungus.

It absolutely cannot be used in the mouth until it is extremely diluted.  The MMS spray that we have been using for several years has been 40 drops of activated MMS in 4 ounces of water which is 350 ppm.

At that strength it seems to overcome most things on the skin, even though the skin can tolerate the much stronger dose of 25,000 ppm.  Well, we don’t have a lot of research yet but we are hoping that this strong CDS will help those suffering with morgellons.

When we learn more we will let you know.  We don’t encourage others to do research on these things, but we don’t discourage it either; that’s up to you.  We encourage people to take total responsibility for their own health.

You can see that there are thousands of new things to learn that science should have already taught us years ago.  For example, the facts about MMS and CDS have been known for a long time but no one has used them for healing before.

As always with love
Archbishop Jim Humble



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